Year 6 – Class 128

Handwriting in ink.

Year 6 – 10-11 Years old. (D.O.B. 01.09.2008 – 31.8.2009)

Handwriting in ink. To avoid disqualification please copy text exactly as below. Presentation will not be judged.

What’s Going On In Chipstead?

Dad’s talking to his vegetables,

I think he’s lost the plot.

Mum’s baking and whisking furiously

In her kitchen that’s red hot.

Auntie’s praying for sunshine

To make her flowers grow.

Jack’s stockpiling waste material

To make a UFO.

Is it July already?

Great, it’s the Chipstead Flower Show.


To avoid disqualification, children’s entries must be entered in the class by age of their appropriate school year.

To be the child’s unaided work. Note: See Rules 10 and 14

First Prize: £10 / Second Prize: £8 / Third Prize: £6